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Tailored Funding Opportunities

AHW’s grant cycles incorporate a range of investment levels and durations in order to accommodate different health-improvement project types. The following general categories of funding reflect the flexibility our partners have asked for to fuel new ideas, advance promising initiatives, build upon successful programs, and coordinate large-scale health-focused strategies.

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Learning Event Support

Grants to build knowledge, skills, and connections among Wisconsin's health workforce.

Amount: Up to $5,000


Timing: Rolling


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Seed Grants

 Funding support for projects that lay the groundwork for future, larger initiatives focused on improving health and advancing health equity.

Amount: Up to $50,000


Timing: Annual Competitive RFA


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Momentum Grants

Community health projects, health-focused research, and health workforce development projects.

Amount: $250,000


Timing: Annual Competitive RFA


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Landmark Grants

Signature, multi-year initiatives designed to achieve measurable improvements in specific health outcomes within identified populations.

Amount: Varies


Timing: Varies


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“We have felt a true partnership with our funding from AHW that has allowed us to seek new opportunities within the grant project, tweak our direction based on new findings, ask for resources and guidance, and generally feel supported in our work."

- AHW Community Partner